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Water saving shower head

<transcy>Water saving shower head</transcy>

Water saving shower head

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Enhance your shower experience with high pressure and clean water

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I noticed two things immediately after installing the shower head: I have to clean the bathroom a lot less because less limescale seems to settle on the walls. And the water pressure has improved tremendously !!! 3 Jet modes are fantastic. I like the jet setting best. The shampoo in my hair is literally catapulted away! Highly recommended .. "

  • Problems with the water pressure?
  • Are you annoyed by limescale stains in your bathroom?
  • Is it difficult to get the shampoo out of your hair?

Our shower head is the salvation

  • Due to the micro-holes cut with a precision laser, less water flows through the shower, but with extremely high pressure.
  • The mineral pearls ensure filtered water and less limescale on your walls.


    The micro-holes cut with a precision laser increase the pressure and the water shoots through the metal plate at high speed. It is also slightly atomized. This gives the feeling of a tropical rain shower. Simply fantastic.
    In the handle are two chambers which are filled with clay and tourmaline mineral pearls. These laboratory-tested mineral stones have an antibacterial, mineralizing and pH-neutral effect. Furthermore, a significant part of the lime from your water remains attached to it. The water becomes noticeably softer and feels gentle on your skin. You'll notice it right away on your tiles and shower walls too! After 6-8 months, the lime will also turn the pearls slightly grayish, and you should then change the pearls.
    JET: A powerful jet that washes away all the stresses of the day. Shampoo residues in the hair don't stand a chance. Still gentle on the skin. RAIN: With sufficient water pressure, this setting equates to tropical drizzle. Super soft and comfortable on the skin. MASSAGE: A combination of both types of jet. Ideal for the daily shower, your skin and your pores.
    The extremely small micro-holes in the metal plate mean that less water gets through every second. Even so, the beam is strong enough to cope with all demands. Tests have shown that water consumption is up to 40% less with the same shower behavior.

Your bathroom becomes an oasis of wellbeing

Experience the new way of showering ! The innovative shower head turns your morning ritual into a daily wellness application. Bio-active mineral stones ensure low-pollutant, soft water. With high pressure the water speed is increased by 200% . A pleasant side effect: You save up to 35% water costs!
Your bathroom will be decorated with fascinating LEDs -Effects to a true wellness temple!

Now at a unique special price!

Naturally pure water like from a mountain stream

In large cities, but also in rural areas, the water is often contaminated with impurities, lime and chemicals . Badly maintained sanitary installations can also become a health risk . The shower head developed by dermatologist is based on the most natural water filtration there is. At the same time, the soothing and stimulating ingredients of the healing stones are released. You feel healthier and your skin is protected.

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Great goods and excellent customer service!

Mark Tiller

Goods as described and fast shipping. Highly recommended.

Monika nuts

I thought the delivery time would take so long, but amazingly, my shower head arrived in just a few days. Very nice.

Gerd Müller

Absolutely serious shop, great goods and very friendly customer service. You don't have it everywhere.

Henning Gaus

The shower head is unique. Showering is an experience again.

Marina Enger

Received the goods today. There was a bit of a delay but the customer service went out of their way and now the iPhone case is with me. I would order again.

Timo Adams