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Jump rope - Speed ​​Rope

<transcy>Jump rope - Speed ​​Rope</transcy>

Jump rope - Speed ​​Rope

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5 advantages of jumping rope

  • You don't need any previous knowledge for jumping rope: It is suitable for beginners who want to train their condition or lose weight as well as for advanced athletes with acrobatic ambitions.
  • Jumping rope is varied: Unlike jogging, you move on the spot, but there are a variety of step and jump sequences.
  • Rope skipping is suitable for quick cardio training or warm-up : Ten minutes of skipping should be just as effective as 30 minutes of jogging.
  • When jumping rope, you challenge body and mind: Rope Skipping is a strength and endurance training for the whole body that stimulates fat burning, stresses the muscles and at the same time trains reflexes and concentration skills.
  • Jumping rope can increase your performance in other disciplines: You train your speed and jumping power in a targeted and effective manner, which you benefit from in particular in martial arts such as boxing, sprinting, but also in acrobatic exercises.

For which muscles is jumping rope good?

When training with the skipping rope, you use different muscles depending on the exercise and intensity.

Muscle building with jumping rope

Jumping rope is one of the strength endurance sports. This means that you have to build up strength and hold it over a longer period of time or for many repetitions. So you train your stamina and strengthen your muscles at the same time, whereby rope skipping is not to be seen as a substitute for classic strength training. Jumping rope is more suitable for muscle definition than for muscle building.

Is jumping rope good for losing weight?

The following simple rule applies to losing weight: You have to burn more calories than you consume. Exercise is a key factor in increasing your calorie consumption. Jumping rope can definitely bring you closer to your dream figure. Advantages of jumping training: It's intense, your entire body works with you and you quickly get your heart rate up. Similar to a HIIT workout, you increase your energy consumption within a very short time.

Important: If you want to burn fat effectively, you shouldn't go to your limit. Optimal fat metabolism training takes place at 60 to 70 percent of the maximum heart rate. You can calculate it with the following formula: Maximum heart rate (MHF) = 226 (for women) / 220 (for men) - age

It is best to wear a tracker during your workout to keep an eye on your pulse.

It has been proven that the ideal sport for losing weight is weight training. Because every kilogram of muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate - i.e. the amount of calories that your body consumes when it is resting. Therefore, jumping rope is ideal as a supplement to strength training if you want to accelerate your weight loss success.

Soft & strong ball bearings

With two high-quality ball bearings in both handles, the skipping rope can slide smoothly and easily with every turn, so that you do not have any trouble or difficulties with your exercises ..

Memory foam handles

The handles are covered with a layer of memory foam sponge, which provides a soft tactile feeling while at the same time absorbing sweat so that the palms stay dry and the handles are firmly in the hand.

Stable steel cable

The skipping rope is provided with steel wires and sheathed with strong PVC material so that it can withstand abrasion for a long time.

Tangle-free design

Both ends of the rope are specially designed, with hollow handles and ball bearings for a tangle-free jumping experience that saves you from everyday tangles.

Workout with the jump rope - for all training levels

Here is a highly effective 20 minute HIIT workout with the jump rope and bodyweight exercises alternating.

Depending on your training level, you can intensify the bodyweight exercises by incorporating jumps (e.g. squat jumps or jumping lunges) or adding weights or resistance bands.

Exercise Duration
Jumping Jacks (without rope) 1 min
Arm circles forward 30 sec
Arm circles backwards 30 sec
Easy Jumps 1 min
Squats 1 min
Easy Jumps 1 min
Push-Ups 1 min
Pause 30 sec
Jumps one-legged right 30 sec
Jumps one-legged left 30 sec
lunges 1 min
Easy Jumps 1 min
Burpees 1 min
Pause 30 sec
Jumps one-legged right 30 sec
Jumps one-legged left 30 sec
Squats 1 min
Double Under 30 sec
Dips 1 min
Easy Jumps 1 min 30 sec
Side lunges right 30 sec
Side lunges on the left 30 sec
Double Under 30 sec
Easy Jumps 30 sec
Sit-Ups 1 min
Crunches 1 min
  • Rope jumping is an effective strength and endurance training that promotes speed and jumping strength as well as increasing stamina and coordination.
  • In addition to endurance, jumping rope trains the leg muscles as well as stomach, arms, chest and shoulders. The workout is more suitable for muscle definition than for muscle building.
  • Jumping rope is an ideal addition to strength training or martial arts - for example as a quick, efficient warm-up.
  • Important for rope skipping are a springy pad, sturdy shoes and the right jumping and rotation technique.
  • 10 minutes of jumping rope every day are ideal for increasing general fitness and accelerating weight loss successes.


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