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Night Vision - night driving glasses

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Bad visibility at night?

Not herewith, the new Night Vision - night driving glasses

makes driving at night relaxing!

✔️ Stylish night vision goggles
modern frame with special tinted lenses

✔️ Perfect for driving
Provides a clear view in difficult visibility conditions

✔️ Ultralight and suitable for people who wear glasses
Fits over all glasses

✔️ Produced according to EN ISO 12312-1: 2013 + A1: 2015
UV protection filter category 1

Sheer driving pleasure even in poor visibility

Motorists and especially those who wear glasses know the problem: At night or bad weather one has to concentrate particularly . Glasses even intensify the unpleasant visibility . You get a headache, pressure on your eyes, you blink less, which leads to the eyes drying out and causing itching and pain. The main reasons for this are light glare, mirror reflections and rapid light changes from light to dark.

This is where our night driving glasses come into play. Thanks to the polarizing special glasses, it filters out all unpleasant glare and provides a higher-contrast view. Driving is now fun even at night and in adverse weather conditions. Wearers of glasses particularly benefit from the driving glasses. It fits easily over any frame. The risk of accidents is also reduced and you arrive safely and relaxed at your destination.

Order the modern night driving glasses now at a limited special price!

More safety in road traffic

Both in the car and on the bike - benefit from the greatly improved view, the improved contrast and the filtering of blend effects. Overtired eyes and unnecessary stress are a thing of the past. Enjoy your ride regardless of the weather. The glasses are also ideal for bike tours.

Especially those who wear glasses are enthusiastic

For those who wear glasses at night, things are aggravated by the fact that, for example, light reflections in puddles are reflected by the glasses and make it even more difficult to see. The night driving glasses are designed in such a way that they can be used effortlessly by those who wear glasses. The glasses are extra light so that they can be worn over long distances and are not annoying. Simply pull the glasses over your own visual aid and you will feel a significant improvement.

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