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Food bowl with water dispenser

<transcy>Food bowl with water dispenser</transcy>

Food bowl with water dispenser

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The healthy diet of pets should start with the separation of dry and wet food

3 in 1 automatic feeder, two bowls for animal feed and one for water. And the automatic water dispenser automatically refills the bowl to keep the water full and clean whether you are at home or not

Especially when you have not been home, just fill the water bottle, the water can drain automatically, ensure a continuous supply of water for your dear pets, and take Just take the bottle out when you don't need it

Environmentally friendly PP resin inner shell, food grade PP bowl, food grade PET grade. Your pet's safety is the same as mine. The rim of the bowl has been polished and will

harm your pets

User-friendly separation design, removable parts, simple structure, no dead corners for cleaning, we pay attention to the user experience

Avoid dust

The white swim board in the sink can prevent pets from getting wet and dust and hair from getting in while drinking water

Combination design

Combination design, easy to dismantle, no dead ends, can be cleaned in all directions, does not grow bacteria

Automatic water storage

Due to the special design of the outlet of the cat water bowl, water is automatically stored and the water level is effectively controlled, which is practical and hygienic. Pets can drink clean water at all times.

Scientific feeding

The 15 ° inclined design of the raised cat bowl can protect the cat's cervical spine, reduce the pressure on the pet's neck, and reduce the stress on eating. The depth of the bowl suits the cat's eating habits and avoids the risk of reflux and promotes digestive health. Provide a more comfortable dining experience


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Great goods and excellent customer service!

Mark Tiller

Goods as described and fast shipping. Highly recommended.

Monika nuts

I thought the delivery time would take so long, but amazingly, my shower head arrived in just a few days. Very nice.

Gerd Müller

Absolutely serious shop, great goods and very friendly customer service. You don't have it everywhere.

Henning Gaus

The shower head is unique. Showering is an experience again.

Marina Enger

Received the goods today. There was a bit of a delay but the customer service went out of their way and now the iPhone case is with me. I would order again.

Timo Adams