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Elbow bandage - tennis elbow

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  • Mild to moderately severe discomfort in the ligament apparatus, instability or joint pain
  • More protection compared to the support bandage
  • Support through compression
  • Heat therapy can promote healing
  • Help with tennis elbow


If one or more of the following indications apply to you, the use of the Medidu elbow brace / elbow brace will be of particular benefit to you:

  • Ideal for osteoarthritis / arthritis
  • Ideal in case of overload (e.g. Surmenage)
  • Ideal for tendinitis
  • Ideal for bursitis (bursitis)
  • Ideal for joint problems

Increase the game with our elbow brace. Get the support and convenience you need. Be limitless.

Are tendonitis, elbow joint inflammation, golf and tennis elbow or other elbow pain limited to what you love the most? Elbow pain is now a thing of the past with an elbow cuff with strap.

We have designed each of the products we produce, not just limited to protection, but developed with care and compression capabilities to provide support and recovery to any dynamic athlete, sports enthusiast and under any kind of elbow condition to accelerate Get the pain relief they deserve.

Unrestricted performance - Get a unique elbow support for maximum performance, as well as full freedom of movement of the elbow, without holding back even in pain from overuse and an injured elbow. Overcome the pain with soothing pressure without endangering mobility!

COMBINED HIGH QUALITY - An excellent elbow cuff made from a combination of polyester, spandex and nylon provides excellent elasticity. The adjustable strap for the desired compression. It's so breathable and light.

Superior design, protection, and pain relief - don't stop yourself from doing your usual activities just because of joint pain! Get the most of your life with this elbow cuff that relieves pain and sore muscles with targeted pressure through an adjustable strap. You can get the support you want and at the same time it is breathable enough for long-term use. So you are protected and can do what you love most.

Optimal support, tape is non-slip - the elbow cuff with tape has been carefully designed with a highly elastic bandage that allows you to move your arms freely and still stay in place - it doesn't slip or roll down to Not to compromise your active lifestyle!

Size table :

Circumference of elbows in cm 18-24 24-30 30-40


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