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Instructions - Mop attachment for Dyson

You have already received your mop head for Dyson? Great, then you can start now.
It is very easy to use and you will even enjoy it.
Here are your step-by-step instructions:
  1. Swap your standard Dyson attachment for your new attachment.
  2. Very important: moisten the mopping pads before use and then attach them to your new attachment.
  3. Then fill your water tank with lukewarm water and your detergent so that they mix in the water tank.
  4. After the water tank is filled, you have to attach it to your attachment. This process is regulated by a simple click mechanism.
  5. Now just turn the switch so that the water starts to drip.
  6. Switch on your Dyson vacuum cleaner and then you can start right away.
For even better results when wiping:
Pro tip 1: If you notice that your floor is already damp enough, turn off the drip function so that no water stains appear when you continue wiping.
Pro tip 2: The mop pads suck up the dirt without smearing. In the case of major soiling, we nevertheless recommend washing the mopping pads briefly by hand so that they are fresh again.
Please note that the attachment is not designed to suck up liquids. The water droplets that come out of your water tank do not count as these are absorbed directly by the mopping pads. But even here you should make sure that you only slightly moisten the mopping pads so that they do not drip.
That was easy, wasn't it?
If there is still something we can do for you or if you still have questions about usage, don't hesitate to contact us. Use our contact form to get an answer within a few moments.
Have fun with your new essay!

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